154 Post Ave.
Westbury, NY 11590

At Spanish All Year we believe that people, children and adults best learn a language when they are immersed in the language, so our approach to teaching is called "The Natural Approach to Language Acquisition". Which means that every teacher endeavors to create activities in the target language that they are teaching and remain in that language, so the students can build their own communication skills.

We are a private school created by a group of native speakers from Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain, Peru and Venezuela.


We believe that every activity has to be put in such a way, that we provide our students with opportunity of staying in the language as we coach them to negotiate with meaning in the context of our lesson.

From the moment you come into our school you are able to transport yourself to a Spanish Speaking country by delighting all your senses. As you walk in, you listen to music, see our students dance all kinds of rhythms from Latin America, and smell all the delicious recipes that come out of our kitchen. Our goal is to provide a complete cultural experience that enriches families and friends that come to visit us every week all year long.