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We are excited to start our 16th year promoting the Spanish Language and culture on Long Island, and feel extremely humble that you consider us part of your family by making us part of your child’s experiences.

Spanishallyear school childrens

As the name of our center suggests, we are a program that is designed to offer Spanish All Year Round for children 12 months to 12 years of age.

Spanishallyear school childrens

We are a fully licensed an insured Language School, run by a team of native professional language teachers who will provide a vivid and meaningful experience for your child and your family. We do not improvise, we have spent the last 15 years tailoring a research bound curriculum that is meaningful and interesting to children. All our materials are teacher made and each activity has been created by our team for our children.

Spanishallyear school childrens

Fluency in a language takes a really long time to achieve, so it is important to be realistic. Think about how long it takes a child to learn his/her native language- and that is after an incredible amount of exposure (direct language, indirect language, reading, music, etc.)

Spanishallyear school childrens

If you want your child to be fluent or at least proficient in Spanish, the earlier, the better. Even the best weekly class isn’t going to work miracles. Fluency is developed over many years and as a result of intense exposure to the language. Be realistic, but also be aggressive:

  • If you or other members of you family speak the language, speak to you your child.

  • If you don't, expose your child to people and places where the language is spoken.

  • Enroll your child as early and as much as you are able to.

  • Read books in Spanish aloud.

  • Listen to music.

  • Watch TV and movies.

  • Travel to any country where Spanish is spoken.

  • Become friends with people who speak Spanish.

  • Spend the school year & the summer with us and provide your child with the opportunity of being immersed in the language for a significant amount of time, while having fun learning the language and the culture.